ABOUT: The Gulf Coast Safe Streets Summit’s (GCSSS) goal is to forge cohesive linkages with our sister counties to encourage regionally significant transportation facilities and safety programs for all modes of travel and for citizens of all ages and abilities. This partnership provides a regional approach to prioritizing the Complete Streets initiatives throughout the local jurisdictions along the Gulf Coast of Florida. Your expertise and experience in this field of work will be a valuable addition to our program.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Proposals are due September 18, 2020 at 11:59pm EST.

SUMMIT DATE: November 18 - 19, 2020


PROPOSAL SUBMISSION: Although GCSSS has identified the topics below as a means to structure the agenda for the 2020 Summit, we are accepting traditional and COVID-19 related proposals.


  • Presentations that market specific products, vendors, and services will not be accepted.

  • All of the organizations, activities, and projects mentioned by the proposal must consent to being included in the proposal and potential presentation at the 2020 GCSSS.


WHAT MAKES A GOOD PROPOSAL? The GCSSS seeks to address current safety issues our sister counties are facing, as well as projects, programs, etc. In order to demonstrate that you are providing the most useful information and tools to our safe streets practitioners, we suggest proposals address the 3Ps:


  • Purpose: Is the presentation relevant to safe streets practitioners? Will the participants be able to do something by the end of the session that they could not do (as effectively) prior to attending?

  • People: Will your presentation directly link the session to issues participants face on a day-to-day basis? How will you effectively and concisely communicate with your participants the benefits and/or lessons learned?

  • Process: What activities or demonstrations will you use in your presentation? What are the practical methodologies, tips, and/or tools attendees will walk away with? Will there be any resources, materials, or learning aids made available? Is there a way to make the presentation interactive?


TOPICS: 6 E’s of Transportation

  • Education

  • Engagement

  • Equity

  • Engineering

  • Enforcement

  • Evaluation

QUESTIONS: Contact Corinne Tucker at 941-359-5772 or


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