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Deadline: Sept. 30, 2022

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2022 Gulf Coast Safe Streets Summit Bob the Builder and

Vision Zero Hero Awards!

We want to recognize community leaders, from the elected official to the local activist, who have gone above and beyond in their commitment to improving driving, bicycling, and walking safety – whether in redesigning a roadway or educating those around them, we want to celebrate their great work!

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Bob the Builder Award

Award recipients will be selected on the following criteria:

  • Helped to facilitate the reconstruction a high crash roadway with complete street features

  • Installed bike racks, transit shelters, benches, shade

  • Prioritized safety, speed mgmt, signal coordination, leading ped intervals

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Vision zero hero

Award recipients will be selected on the following criteria:

  • Spearheaded a community safety awareness event

  • Provided time, expertise, and engaged the community in safety education

  • Advanced Vision Zero movement through personal and/or professional actions

Award recipients will be acknowledged at the Gulf Coast Safe Streets Summit, to be held November 3, 2022.

The goals of the Gulf Coast Safe Streets Summit are to:


  • Collaborate and cooperate with adjacent counties, jurisdictions and MPOs to encourage the implementation of Vision Zero and Complete Streets

  • Encourage a safe and accessible transportation system for everyone, no matter how they travel

  • Promote regionally significant transportation facilities

  • Advocate for safety programs for people of all ages and abilities and all modes of transportation

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